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God, Family, Ministry, Life...

Elijah and Terra have learned that God has to be your number one priority. It takes prayer, faith, and work to balance family, ministry, and life.

Between the Notes is a non-profit organization designed to help spread the good news of Christ to everyone in their reach. They share the Gospel in various ways through their unique style based on their life experiences and give back through tangible resources to those in need. Through their music, talks, products, or services, there is empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration. 

Elijah and Terra are fun-loving and authentic people who have hearts to love God's people as He has commanded. If you are around them for any length of time, you will laugh, be encouraged, and you will feel the love of Christ, most of all. They are happily married and have two children. Elijah is now the Minister of Music, and Terra is a Worship Leader at New Covenant Community Ministries, Int'l in Moss Point, MS. 

They invite you to join this community of fellowship & experience the abundant life

"Between the Notes!"

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